Monetary Reform Task Force

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Dr. Ronald E. Davis - Founding Director

Dr. Davis was born in Oklahoma and raised primarily in the San Francisco Bay Area, Berkeley and Palo Alto to be exact.  He completed his undergraduate studies at Harvard University in 1967, majoring in applied mathematics, and graduating magna cum laude with highest honors (his grade in art history was not stellar).  He obtained his M.S. degree in Mathematics at Stanford University in 1969, and his PhD degree also in math, but with an emphasis in Operations Research, at Stanford in  1980.  His specialties are the mathematics, algorithms and computer codes for optimization, simulation, and dynamic systems analysis as applied to practical decision problems arising in business and government.

For the last 25 years, Dr Davis has served as Associate Professor in the Marketing and Decision Sciences Department of San Jose State University, about 50 miles south of San Francisco.  Courses taught there have been Statistics, Quantitative Business Analysis (Management Science), and Decision Making Under Uncertainty (from risk averse points of view).  He does consulting work on software systems for procurement optimization, portfolio optimization and project management.  He maintains a strong research interest in the applications of stochastic control theory to macroeconomic models and policy optimization for green money renewal subject to the Inflation Tolerance Inequality based on Irving Fisher's money exchange equation.

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