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Circumventing the Fiscal Cliff (without green money)

Posted by dr.ron45 on December 29, 2012 at 4:15 PM

Since we are now down to the wire and noone I sent email to has mentioned the green money solution which I believe to be most effective ($1 trillion in deficit reduction just by partial funding of deficits with green money instead of selling bonds to the Fed), it becomes necessary to make the deal in a less than optimal way.  Here's my formula for success.

1.  Take Boehner's $800 billion in tax reforms

2.  Cut Fossil Fuel subsidies by $200 billion

3. Cut Black Ops by $500 billion

Total deficit reduction: $1.5 trillion! Mission accomplised.

Why do they make this problem so hard?  It can be done easily without raising tax rates on anyone and without cutting a dime from any of the entitlement programs.

Surely subsidizing dirty fuels is less of a priority when clean alternatives are coming on line.  Surely defense budget activities above the ground are of greater priority than activities below the ground and below the sea.  An extremely credible whistle blower with very high clearances revealed in 1995 that black budgets at that time were about $500 billion PER YEAR.  By now at nominal 3% growth rate that would be above $800 billion PER YEAR.  Cutting that by a measley $50 billion per year would be at most a 10% cut, more likely less than 7%.    They can handle the cut alot better than our senior citizens can.

If you can get the word to our Congressional and White House leaders in time (just copy and paste), maybe this unnecessary debacle can be averted.


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