Monetary Reform Task Force

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Table of Contents

Proposal Objectives


     Part I: Core Provisions

          Title 1: Government Created Money (EPM) Authorization

          Title 2: Establishment of the Congressional Monetary Authority

     Part II: Applications of debt-free Public Money

          Title 3: Establishment of the Infrastructure Development Finance Corporation

          Title 4: Government Shutdown Prevention

          Title 5: Natural Disaster Relief (Hurricanes, Fires, Earthquakes)

          Title 6: Deficit Reduction, cancellation of budget sequestration

          Title 7: Debt Reduction, elimination of Intragovernmental debts

     Part III: New Social and Economic Justice Offices

          Title 8: Establishment of the Office of Public Banking

          Title 9: Establishment of the Office of Full Employment

          Title 10: Establishment of the Office of Poverty Alleviation

          Title 11: Establishment of the Office of Conflict Resolution

     Part IV: Transparency and Accountability of the Federal Reserve System

          Title 12: Periodic GAO Audits of the Federal Reserve System

          Optional Amendment: Monetary History Documentaries

     Part V: Government Owned Central Bank

          Option A: Buy out the Federal Reserve Bank of NY, convert to Public Benefit Corporation, convert other Fed banks to Certified Benefit 
          Option B: Create new US Central Bank in Washington, D.C., convert all Fed banks to Certified Benefit Corporations