Monetary Reform Task Force

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The plan has two parts.  (1) Flood Congress, the White House, and the Treasury Department with copies of the HYBRID PUBLIC MONEY INITIATIVE White Paper.  We've got to find out who will pick it up and run with it.  For addresses, see

(2)  Enlist Public Money Lobbyists in each state to organize events as described in the Indivisible Guide to put pressure on Congress via local offices and town hall meetings.

Click Potential Allies in Congress

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA)           

Senator Bernie Sanders   (I-VT)                       

Rep. Joe Kennedy III  (D-MA)                          

Click Potential Allies in the White House.

President Donald Trump                                 

Vice President Mike Pence                                                                              

Council of Economic Advisors                       

Office of Management and Budget                 

Secretary of the Treasury, Steven Mnuchin     

Click Potential Presidential Candidates.

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